Thursday, May 22

May / June News

Here's a belated post about what's going on right this second, and over the next few weeks. Oh, and this site should be getting updated a fair bit soon:

My show, Jaggy Nettles, is still up at Amble in Philadelphia. I'm back in Scotland now, but the exhibition will be on until the 8th of June, so go and have a look if you can. I'll try to post about the trip in detail soon, but thumbs up to Concetta, Fergi, Lindsy & Becky for their help and for rocking. The above picture is from the show. There's a wee post about it on myloveforyou... cheers Meighan.

Stirling's weird little music festival, Le Weekend, is on this weekend (Fri 23rd - Sun 25th May). Get some tickets if you're in town because it's always worth a look. There's usually a lot of strange world music and people shouting into pianos. Friday night looks like the most fun with Victoria Bergsman from Taken By Trees/The Concretes/that Young Folks song playing amongst others.

I'm sketchy on the dates and details but it's worth mentioning this as soon as possible - for Amble's next show they're teaming up with Exit skateshop to put on a show of skateboards painted by a bunch of different artists. The rumours of who might be exhibiting are pretty exciting (I'm in it too!). It's all in support of funding Paine's Park, which will be a massive new skateable square kinda thing in Philadelphia since things got all pissy about Love Park. Check out for details and for one of the best looking websites going.

My iMac died... again! It looks like the same problem, so hopefully I can get it repaired and useable without shelling out more money. I've ordered a fancy new one anyway though because I can't risk one I do work on buggering things up any more. This is the reason for the lack of posting / pictures / photos.

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