Friday, August 19

Don't Forget

Some people, eh? I'll do this for everyone if need be. New blog here.

Wednesday, August 17

A New Blog

Hello there. This is just a quick little update to let you know that I have moved my blog to a new location. You can find it here: David Galletly: Blog - please have a look if you enjoy reading my nonsense. I will be posting plenty new art, illustration and design alongside links to stuff I like and any other odds & ends I can think of.

If you're the subscriber type, there is a new feed to add to your reader of choice once you get there. Or, for your convenience, you can subscribe to my new blog simply by clicking HERE.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you so much for reading this site over the years. Onwards and upwards!


Thursday, August 11

Website down

This is a short message to let you know that my website is down for maintenence and will return over the weekend. I will keep you updated. Thanks x

Saturday, July 9

Stanley Kubrick's Boxes

Last night, just by chance, I noticed that someone had uploaded Stanley Kubrick's Boxes, a documentary by Jon Ronson, to Vimeo. I was super excited as I'd been trying to find it for quite a while with no luck.

The film, as far as I can tell, was made alongside this 2004 Guardian article by Ronson which I remember reading on my lunch break back when I worked in Argos. It's a fascinating exploration of Kubrick's giant (bloody GIANT) personal archive that shines a little light on his creative process.

I'd recommend giving it a look, especially because there's a chance it'll be pulled from Vimeo if the wrong kind of dude stumbles over it. It's as funny and interesting as you'd expect from a Jon Ronson documentary.

There's a suggestion in there that Kubrick understood that he could create works of genius, but only if he methodically researched every detail of a project for years beforehand. That's comforting, eh? The idea is lovely - that even if you're not a natural talent, you can achieve something beyond your capabilities if you're patient and put in enough goddamn work. It completely humanises the big, scary, impenetrable director.

I'll maybe do a wee post about my love for Jon Ronson sometime soon. If you don't know his work, his latest book, The Psychopath Test, is a great place to start.

EDIT: understand there's a good number of people visiting after a bunch of activity on Twitter last night. First off, hello! Second off, Film Geek on Vimeo is deserving of credit for the upload.

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Monday, February 7

The List: Sex Issue

I've put together a few drawings for the latest issue of The List. It's the sex issue so, y'know, there's entendres doubling-up all over the place. The deadline was quite a short one and there was quite a few drawings needed so I'm still undecided whether I got away with it or not - I hope I did. A learning experience through-and-through. The weirdest part is that Alex & I are now officially cover stars thanks to our modelling for the image above. Brilliant!

I was super happy to be asked to work on the project. Getting to draw balls for a living is a dream, of sorts. The rest of the illustrations will make their way to my website eventually - in the meantime, pick up the magazine from all good newsagents and have a gander. Inside you'll find all sorts of secrets from behind the closed curtains of good, honest Scottish people.

Right, I've got to get back to work. I'm putting together something I'm very excited about. Fingers-crossed I don't arse it up. It should be up on this old blog by the end of the week for your eyes (...and ears!) to form an opinion on.

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Friday, January 7

SLAP: One In A Million

This is another little thing I've been meaning to post for a while, mainly because it's currently running and if I leave it too late, I'll have missed the boat.

Every year, Slap magazine run a contest called One In A Million with the intent of finding up-and-coming skateboarders and giving them a little career leg-up. A handful of dudes are taken to some spots around San Francisco for a week or two to film tricks. Everyone gets a nice little bit of exposure and the fellow deemed most worthy gets hooked up with some sponsors.

This year's contest is a particularly good watch, however, thanks to it being put together in a slightly more reality-show manner than previous editions. There's no major 'drama' or clever twists, just a fair smattering of off-board footage and interviews mixed in with the skating.

As you know, every reality show needs a baddie and one dude in particular, Forrest Edwards, ain't there to make friends. Possessing both an incredible talent for skateboarding (360 flip 50-50 clipper!) and an incredible talent for not keeping his big mouth shut, Forrest is causing ripples by many a water-cooler (well, messageboard) by talking trash and generally isolating himself from the other, more light-hearted, contestants.

Of those other chaps, I'm a big fan of Matty Hunt - we short dudes gotta stick together. He's easily winning on style-points at least, his switch tre about a minute in to episode 12 is tasty. I also love his ridiculous full part on Youtube. John has been consistently killing-it (as they say), his dicing-with-death hillbomb (top of page) is terrifying. Mango seems incapable of having a bad time and Reuben seems an all-round nice chap.

Anyone with even the hint of a curiosity, check out episode 1 and go from there. They're only a few minutes a pop so it's not gonna take much of your time. Sorry to all non skate fans who would rather scratch out their eyes than watch any of this rubbish. New episodes on Slap every Mon, Wed, Fri.

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Thursday, January 6

Oh Comely Magazine

Really should've posted this up a little sooner but, well, the whole Christmas thing happened. No harm done.

I have contributed a few small drawings to the latest (Jan/Feb) issue of the absolutely-bloomin-fantastic magazine Oh Comely. They accompany a lovely article that asked people to go out and meet their neighbours. Rachel Clare Price, Angela Chick and myself were asked to venture onto the Google Street View locations of said neighbours and interpret their houses.

The magazine is available all over the place - either via these stockists or in your local WH Smith. To see all five of my drawings, they're up on my site here. To see them at their best, buy the magazine! (it's a good read, honest)

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Thursday, December 2

Christmas Shopping

Here's a gentle reminder that, hint hint, I've got a little online shop with all sorts of prints and things and, hint hint, it happens to be December. Catch my drift? *winks like a loon*

Urgh, I feel dirty. A bad salesman through & through. Anyway, yes, there's some stuff in my shop that might be up your street this festive season. Maybe your aunt likes decapitated dogs? Maybe your granny is after for a great big screenprint for her wall? Maybe that guy you fancy likes coco-pops and a nice wee Gocco would finally get him under the mistletoe? Have a look and see if there's anything you like.

As a special winter incentive to the present buyers out there, I've decided to throw in a wee set of 4 badges with every order throughout December (while stocks last). How about that? Buy a gift for a friend, keep the badges for yourself! Or, do it the other way about! Or, keep it all for yourself! I don't mind! Here they are in a video:

I guess I should mention delivery dates... hmm. I'm not too sure on how the postal times work but glancing around at other online shops, I'll try my damnedest to get stuff to you before Christmas if you order within these dates:

UK: Monday 20 December
Western Europe: Monday 13 december
Eastern Europe, Usa & Canada: Thursday 9 December
South/Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle east, Asia, Far East (inc. Japan), Australia & New Zealand: Monday 6 December.

(dates nicked outright from the fantastic hellojenuine - check out her wares too)

If that doesn't get you reaching for your wallet, nothing will. You can find my shop right here. Nah, honestly, have a good time this Christmas. Try not to stress - it's meant to be fun. Big thanks for having a look. I love you x

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