Tuesday, April 15

Jaggy Nettles - Amble, Philadelphia

Hello. I've not really posted for a while, mainly because I've been working on this upcoming show. It's on in May/June at Amble in Philadelphia and is called Jaggy Nettles. It'll be made up of about 95% new work by myself, some of which doesn't exist yet.

I'll be travelling out at the end of April with my old friend Fergi and staying through for a couple of weeks. The opening bash is on Thursday the 8th of May, so come along then, say hello and have some beer. We'll be all hyped because we're on holiday. Here's the back of the flyer:

I'm on full promo-mode, so if anyone is nice enough to want to mention the show, you can use the above images. For the sake of the search engines and stuff like that I'll post the info here:

Jaggy Nettles
An exhibition by David Galletly
9th May - 8th June 2008
Amble Gallery & Books,
1001 N. 2nd Street, Suite 27
Philadelphia PA, 19123

Opening reception / party
Thurs 8th May: 6pm - 9pm
(all welcome)

Righty ho, I'd better get back to work instead of sitting watching skateboarding on YouTube. There'll be more stuff posted about the show before I go, but it'd be tip top if you can make it along. For any further info contact info@amblegallery.com or send me an email/comment.


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  2. the upcoming show in Philly will be very cool. Recently purchased your Running Amok book (edition 22/100) from the amblegallery.