Thursday, May 29

They Were The Pipettes!

I've been meaning to post a little more about music, as I've been listening to a lot recently (podcasts and radio 4 had really taken over for a bit). There are a few different things I have in mind that might be good to write about. Maybe Music Monday feature or something? It's Thursday though.

I'll start with this SHOCKING, if a little out of date news: Rosay and RiotBecki have left the Pipettes! Bah! It's like the bloody Sugababes or something. The Pipettes are amazing. All they wanted was to go on Top of the Pops and be some kid's favourite band. Their album, We Are The Pipettes, battered through 14 songs in 30 minutes and is a damn pop gem. Have a look:

I was keen to see where they went next, as chart success had proved a bit elusive. The argument was always whether another Phil Spector-style girl group album would be great or just milking it. They could write good songs though, and they were outstanding live, so I think they could've pulled it off. Still could I guess.

The news is that Gwen is carrying on the Pipettes along with her sister, Ani, and another girl, Anna, so good luck to them. Rose (everyone's favourite) and Becki are doing the old 'pursuing other musical projects' thing, so hopefully whatever they do will see the light of day. Oh, I've just noticed Rose has a MySpace for her solo stuff.

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