Monday, June 14

Watering Can

Hello to Monday, hello to another week. This one's gonna be a busy one, I can feel it. There are a few things coming soon I'm pretty excited about posting up here. So, um, stay tuned I guess.

The above image is from my Red Neck zine. Still available in my online shop (which I'm planning to expand if not this week, then next). Thanks very much to anyone who's picked on up so far and apologies for my month-long sales pitch. Haha, incidentally, they are now also available at Analogue.

In a very British way, I think I've been trying to post a lot about other people's work recently to reassure myself that, after a nice little spell at selling my wares online, I'm not so blinded by success that I now only care about shifting prints and living the big life. By 'big life', I of course mean 'buying a new pair of trainers and perhaps some wheels for my skateboard'.

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