Friday, June 11

Souther Salazar

A few years ago I read a comic by Souther Salazar called Fervler 'n' Razzle in the anthology Kramers Ergot 5. It was a beautifully weird collage of cut paper, drawings and text that told a tale (or two) about an 'ancient giant bird' called Fervler and 'either a squirrel or a mouse or a cat' called Razzle. I really loved it and have tried to keep up with Salazar's work ever since.

Comics are just the start, this dude is a damn fine maker-of-things. Paintings, sculpture, collage, installations all jumble together in colourful little worlds full of weird monsters and landscapes. I remember being so charmed by his work that I tried to emulate his style a little in a few drawings - it didn't work (it never does), I guess that's a compliment of sorts. Man, his art looks fun to make.

Yesterday my copy of Salazar's new zine, The Day We Learned To Fly arrived. I've made a little flick-through video to let people see it. My intention is to show off the really neat layout with it's different colours and fold-out parts rather than to 'spoil' the artwork by revealing everything. Hopefully I flip through it quickly enough leave you wanting a closer look. By the sound of things, The Day We Learned... has sold out anyway, but I'll not go crazy with scans or anything incase another batch appears for sale. Watch in HD for goodness.
For more Souther Salazar things, you can visit his website, add him on Facebook or follow the blog he co-writes with Monica Choy. His etsy shop has some really nice prints and you can read a great making-of post about the zine here.

The music in my clip is once again from John's ABC by Fence. This track 'J' (they're all lettered) just so happened to be exactly the right length. Not much more thought went into the decision than that.

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