Thursday, June 10

Christopher Bettig opening

A few posts back I mentioned that the new show All I Heard Was The Echo In The Light by the artist Christopher Bettig was opening in Edinburgh. Well it damn well did. The exhibition can be seen now at the fantastic Analogue in the grassmarket. Go visit.

I managed to get along for the launch and had a really good wee night. Analogue parties are always great. They show really good artists, everyone is always nice and friendly and there's a chance to catch up with lots of folk I don't get to see very often. I also got the chance to have a chat with Christopher Bettig himself - he's a really nice dude.

All I Heard...
is one of the best shows they've put on. The first thing that'll knock you out is the ceiling - Bettig has covered the whole thing in bunting and little flags and the effect is really cool. On the night you could see big smiles come over everyone's faces as they walk into the room, staring upwards, all caught up in the colours and patterns. Around the walls are heaps of different prints, collages, sculptures and paintings that, despite being pretty intricate objects in their own right, have a really nice lightness to them that doesn't weigh the show down. Every piece of work invites you to scrutinise it, to inspect the stitching, printing or pattern.

I recorded a few little clips while I was there - my shaky hand and failure to change any of the settings on my camera doesn't really do justice to how stuff really looks (hey, I'd had a drink, give me a break), so visit in real life if you can. You have until the 10th of July. Analogue have screenprinted t-shirts designed by Chris and he has also made a really cool zine that's definitely worth a look.

The music is from the weird instrumental compilation called John's ABC by Fence. It's proving pretty good for soundtracking little videos. I'm going to keep trying to upload as much stuff to YouTube as I can in an effort to improve my shoddy camerawork. No doubt half of it will end up on the blog, but should you be someone who is inclined to subscribe to a guy's channel, you can find mine here.

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