Wednesday, May 26

Rock, Paper, Scissors Print

Another thing the Dundee Jamboree gave me a chance to do was to print my first ever unassisted Gocco screenprint on my new PG-10 machine. I decided to start out simply with a little re-doing of a rock, paper scissors thing from ages ago. It turned out ok! I didn't mess up!

You can have a look at a scan of the artwork here - I'm quite happy with it. Hands are a funny one - sometime they go ok and sometimes they go really wrong. Putting thumbs in the wrong place was always a killer for me. That and stupid wrists.

Anyway, the Rock, Paper, Scissors print is now available for dirt-cheap (£6) in my shop. It's on some nice paper in an edition of 50. All hand-printed by myself, signed and numbered. I destroyed the screen (well, it kinda destroyed itself), so this is the only run I intend to produce.

But wait... there's more! I had a little play around with some watercolours on a few roughs and quite liked how they looked so I decided to hand-colour a few of the finished prints:

So now 20 of the 50 prints are hand-painted with watercolours, making them even more unique (by definition, that's not possible but you know what I mean). I've put them up as a different item in my shop for a few extra pennies (patter for £4), so there's no confusion between the two. They're part of the same run though.

Watercolour is notoriously difficult you photograph so the detail is quite subtle on these pictures. You can click on the images for bigger versions. The real-life colour is a little stronger. I didn't want to crank up the saturation artificially though. They look good. Promise.

So that's the new Rock, Paper, Scissors prints. Available in clean, crispy black & white or hand-painted colour. Here are the details:

Rock, Paper, Scissors
by David Galletly
A5 Gocco screenprint.
available in b&w or hand-painted colour.
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered.
Available here.

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  1. wow. I only now just realized you draw hands with 6 fingers.