Thursday, April 15

Umbrella Head

I'm always meaning to post more about work by other people. And, as with lots of things I'm meaning to do, I hardly ever get round to actually doing it. Well today I've gotten round to it. I've gotten right bloody round.

This work is by Sam Caldwell, a young artist from Bolton who goes by the name of Umbrella Head. I actually discovered Sam's (Head's?) art through the comments section of my blog and after I had a dig about his site, I was totally hyped on his work. Look at it!

Man he can conjure up atmosphere in spades. A real sense of life plodding along through some impending doom. That's what I get from it anyway. Maybe it's the weather - even in some of Sam's lighter pieces there's a heavy British sky pressing down on procedings or a cold and choppy sea crashing away in the background.

Vic Reeves' artwork comes to mind (in a good way) as does Lizzy Stewart's (also in a good way). Sam is only 19 or something ridiculous like that so you can tell he's really gonna be killing it in a couple of years. Check out his website. Oh, I just noticed he has a band too, I'll have a listen.

As a wee aside - I've been playing about with the image sizes for this post. If they're not displaying properly can someone let me know? Also, I love discovering new stuff - I always check out the work of people who comment here, so feel free to go crazy. Not that I can guarantee amazing levels of traffic or anything but someone might see it.

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  1. i found sam's work thanks to blog comments too! he's got some really nice stuff.
    also, images look fine.

  2. Hi David you Rock ! Thats a great blog page .You are really perfect ! i liked your drawing style so much. I'm 16 years old and want to be a cartoon maker in Disneyland STUDİOS. İ like to draw graffiti and my graffities were in the most popular magazine of Turkiye . Good Job !
    Lots of greetings

  3. snap! I came across his work the other day. Love all the line work and the moody watercolour fisherman(?) at the top.
    Nice artist post aswell