Monday, April 19

What I Wore Today 7

Today, for What I Wore Today (in drawings) I decided to try out something a little different than my previous silly entries - tracing!

Ever since being taught at school that tracing was a very bad way of learning how to draw, I've left well alone. I always viewed it as a bit of a cop-out. Not quite cheating, just kinda being a bit lazy. Recently, however, I've been really loving a lot of work that uses tracing. It has this great mixture of reality and wonkiness that can be really odd and interesting.

So, I had a little go. It's not quite what I was after, but I kinda like it. As with anything (like magic or dynamite), it can be used for good or evil and it's something I intend to explore more thoroughly. I guess tracing it a bit more of a slippery slope than some other techniques in that, should you rely on it too much, you're gonna screw up your brain. It is the cocaine of the drawing world.

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1 comment:

  1. Never mind because of "bad" tracing - Andy Warhol did too. And even though you traced one can see that you know how to draw.