Thursday, March 12

Let's Watch Men

I caught Watchmen last night. Having not read the comic, I didn't have too much invested in it. I decided to avoid reading any reviews or backstory beforehand anyway. Sometimes it's nice to see something with a completely open mind.

What did I think? Well, I wanted to like it but I wasn't too impressed. I'm sure the internet doesn't need another big rant about the silly thing, so I'll limit my 'review' to some odds and ends. I just wanted an excuse to draw that ink blot.

1. It's really, really, really long.
2. It's pretty boring.
3. It's a mess.
4. Dr Manhattan looks / is rubbish.
5. Actually, most of the cgi looks rubbish.
6. The make-up too.
7. I loved Rorschach though, he's really well cast.
8. The opening titles were ace.
9. Blue willy.

I won't even touch on the plot, as after reading some stuff I understand the whole thing has been fairly poorly translated to the screen. However for someone with no prior knowledge of the source, boy does it feel thin. I will give it this though; it's interested me enough to read the book.


  1. The book is many times better than the movie, and the ending is very different. Alan Moore never wanted it to be made into a movie, if that says anything... Anyway, definitely check out the book!

  2. Yep - I concur - should have read the book and left it at that dude!