Tuesday, March 10

Houses Should Have Long Legs...

I just realised that I never posted any images of my Tiny Showcase print. It was released last June and, much to my delight, sold out. I've never actually seen the thing in real life, so I can only go by these images from the T.S. site to get an idea of how it looks.

The image was from a set of drawings from my Analogue show titled Houses Should Have Long Legs. The rest of the captions are a little hard to make out from these photos but they read: Houses should have long legs / then you could live anywhere you want / and go out to sea when you get fed up.

Tiny Showcase produced a large letterpress print and a share of the sales was donated through them to Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland, for helping my Gran. Thanks Tiny Showcase! Have a look if you haven't already.


  1. i love your house images. they're in your running amok issue, right? it's ace.

  2. Wee schmooshballs, houses with legs are bingos as long as they don't run away with your smoked sausage supper.

  3. Nice, David. It reminds me slightly of when Winsor McCay drew Little Nemo's bed with superlong, wobbly, galloping legs. Great work.