Friday, March 13

2 Lost Scarves

Argh! In the past few weeks I've went and lost my 2 favourite scarves. Actually, 'lost' is being nice, as I suspect they may have been stolen. If I see anyone around town wearing either of these there'll be trouble, that's for sure.

The first one I lost, was an old brown scarf that was my dad's. It was awesome. I lost it somewhere in Stirling after the opening of Graham Fagen's show at the Changing Room. My main suspicion is that it was left amongst a big pile of bags & jackets in Nicky-Tams and that some chancer liked it and picked it up. However, we were also in the Darnley and the Tolbooth that night so who knows. I moaned about it all the way home.

The second was a surprise present from Alex, my girlfriend. She'd spotted it in a wee shop in Glasgow and reckoned I'd like it. I did, very much. It was left on a chair in the restaurant area of the MacRobert Arts Centre and seemed to vanish within the 10 mins it took me call them once I realised it was gone. (you get very good food that's cheaper than anywhere up there by the way)

Ah well. I'll keep checking around. If you spot either of these scarves, or anything similar, let me know. If you notice someone wearing one, punch them in the nose and steal it back. Thanks.

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  1. I left my grey scarf at a party, but it worked out all right as it was rescued by a drunken Elph who took it back to his cave and has been looking after it ever since.