Tuesday, January 13

Lecturer Smecturer

Alternative title for this post; 'Hannibal Lecture'.

Here's something that I never got round to mentioning: A couple of months ago, I was invited to speak and take a class at Duncan of Jordanstone, College of Art & Design in Dundee. Having never done anything of the sort before, I was a little hesitant at first. I had visions of taking a nervous breakdown in front of a room of laughing students. Luckily I got myself a backbone and tried it out.

After a bit of a shakey start*, I gave a presentation about my work to a big bunch of the illustration students and then set a day brief to one of the classes. I also had some time to go around and speak to as many people as I could about what they were working on. Everyone I met was super nice and seemed to really respond to what I had to say, which made me a happy man.

There is a lot of brilliant work being done in that place. Getting a chance to see everyone's sketchbooks and studios was really awesome and inspiring. People are funny when you speak to them, that's a good thing. I wish I'd taken some photos because it was a blast. I should maybe pay a visit sometime soon. Hello to everyone I met in Dundee, I hope everything is going well. Thanks to Natalie for the opportunity too.

* 'a bit of a shakey start' is putting it lightly. I thought I was going to faint at least 5 times during the day.


  1. it's quite nice reading what it's like for someone who's lecturing. i always thought the people who came & spoke to us seemed pretty relaxed & quietly cool, but they were probably shitting it, like yourself.

  2. ah, maybe. There's a good chance everyone else but me is pretty cool though.

    Having said that, were I to do it again I wouldn't feel half the pressure. A lot of it was the 'I don't know what the hell to expect' thing.

  3. I got round the first five minutes of nervousness when I took my first class by sitting on my hands! You're right about the next time, it won't be as intimidating!

  4. im in illustration at doj, and your talk was ace, you had nothing to worry about! i think i'd die a slow death talking in front of 60 people but jens right- tres cool. everyone in L4 really like the talk so you musta done something right :)

  5. I was also present in yer talk - twas awesome - all L2 thought it was great too, but, did you realise your fly was down the whole time?
    hehe it was great, v inspirational, love yer work

  6. Cheers. My fly was down for hours the other day before I noticed. Your comment gave me a fright there.

  7. It was great reading your comments about lecturing also,its easy to forget how hard it is to talk to a big group of people, you did great! and all L3 enjoyed it alot.

    We loved the brief you set so much alot of us carried it on into other pieces of work,and gave a few of us ideas about setting our own blogs up (me being one). your stuff is very inspiring :) thanx again for coming and talking to us about what you were up to etc.