Thursday, January 1

Hello You. Happy New Year

Hello there! It's me, David. I'm back. I'm writing with a full belly and heavy eyelids on New Year's Day. I've had a lovely time. Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you had fun, I hope you got your new bike and I hope you had a big smile on your face.

It's been quiet round here recently. I had decided that I'd take a wee break from things over December and have a fresh start in the new year, so there has been very little in the way of online activity from myself. Some time away was needed to build up on the old enthusiasm and inspiration. It was a busy month regardless, so I doubt I'd have posted much anyway. Amongst other things I've been a gallery assistant, I've been away on holiday, I've been unwell (several times) and I have jumped about all over the shop for various festive exercises (festercises). Any spare time I had was put to proper use playing computer games.

Now I'm ready to go though, it's time to tackle a massive to-do list and build up some momentum. A black cat crossed our path this afternoon when we were out walking. Here in Scotland that's a good sign. A nice start to a year.

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