Tuesday, January 13

Hellos, Shout-Outs, Thank-Yous

Here is a lame shout-out list of folk I'd like to say hello to for various reasons, mainly for being good people in 2008. I hope this is not too self indulgent. Sick bags at the ready:

Alex. Hello x

Friendly folk: Fergi, Morgi, Steve, Darren & Laura & Ethan, Stuart, John, Jules, Elsa, Kieren (thanks for the go-karting), Kirsty, Melissa, Paddy & Marianne, Bosko, Beth, Andrew, James, Kim, Mark, Tommy, Hammy. Gregor, Elph, Chris, Carrie, Emma & Joe, Gemma, Diarmid. Philly folk: Concetta, Becky and Lyndsy. Jeff and the Philladelphia Cartoonist Society (thanks for the burgers). Donald. Hello!

Family folk: Mum & Dad. All of the Galletlys, Donnachies and Tierneys. Ian, Fiona & Rory Horne. Janet MacDondald. Robert & Audrey McCrone. Hello!

Work folk: Chris & Cal from Be A Familiar. Andy at Broken Friend. Kirsteen MacDonald at The Changing Room. Amy & Ali at Recoat. Shea'la Finch at Tiny Showcase. Russell & Julie at Analogue. Nigel Peake. Natalie & everyone at DJCAD. Gavin at Here. Meighan at My Love For You.. Pascal & Thanasis at the Johanssen Gallery. Hello!

Special mention folk: Jen Collins aka hellojenuine for the badges and for a ton of nice comments on the blog last year. Hello!

I bet I've put my foot in it and forgotten someone really important. Ah well. Less sentimental posting will resume tomorrow. Goodbye!


  1. hi buddy! i hope you have a creative, fulfilling and above all, happy 2009!

  2. hello! so glad you got them, haha.

  3. Thanks for the shout out, brotha. Burgers will always be here waiting in Philly for yous.

  4. You forgot to add your Young Team ! I know you roll like that.
    Later dude!