Tuesday, December 2

Be A Familiar / The Green Apple Sea

Be A Familiar: High Sky
The Green Apple Sea: Satellite Wings

A sneak peek at the artwork for a new B.A.F. / T.G.A.S. double single release 'High Sky' & 'Satellite Wings'. As was the same with the previous Be A Familiar single I designed, I'm unsure of the exact release dates at the moment but I'll let you know more when I find out myself.

Be A Familiar are a 7 piece outfit based in Glasgow, complete with trumpets & cellos and The Green Apple Sea are a nice bunch of lads from Germany. I was unfamiliar with their stuff until this job, but they've got a great wee sound going on.

You can listen to the songs on their respective MySpace pages, but you should of course buy them by the bucketload when they're released. The single(s) should hopefully be available on CD, vinyl and through iTunes soon.


  1. now they both have smashing artwork to suit their equally smashing names.

  2. Aye - top stuff mate! And liking the bunny + burning building narrative too! Keep up the good work!