Wednesday, June 11

Be A Familiar: Double A-Side

I've designed the cover for the new Be A Familiar vinyl double A-side, Pain In The Heart & Tiptoe. I'm not exactly sure when it's released, I hear it's "soon". I'll let you know when I find out more. It's mainly my old tree drawing jigged about a bit.

Be A Familiar are a fairly new band from Glasgow who are on the way up. Take a gander at their MySpace, which they've recently had updated with some of my stuff, to find out what they're about. They seem to be playing a bunch of gigs in the next few months, so go along and say hello because they're sound as a pound.

NOTE: The single is now released. More information and photos of the final artwork has been posted here.

(oh, the image is a PNG for quality sake, if it doesn't work please let me know).

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  1. Congratulations man. If only I had heard about these guys before Rock Ness, I would have went to see them. Their MySpace page is looking pretty nice too, and that's coming from someone who has dabbled in web design. Keep up the good work. :)