Wednesday, October 22

SOTW2: This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

For the past couple of weeks, Stop Making Sense has been my go-to DVD for when I'm sitting around doing nothing in particular. When I was wee, I'd always read about how great it was but I didn't get around to watching it until I was studying. Now that I own it, every so often I'll take the notion to stick it on and that'll be me off on a Talking Heads trip for a few weeks.

Picking a song of the week from the film is pretty tricky, since they're all fantastic. I've picked This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody), firstly because it's amazing and I really like to play it at the start of a Sunday night in Nicky Tams, but also because the performance from the film is lovely. If you've never seen it, you're in for a treat. David Byrne dancing with the lamp is a bit of magic.

I couldn't really leave it at that, so as a bonus Stop Making Sense slice, here's Life During Wartime too. In the film, this is the first taste of Byrne's amazing dancing, and where the gears start shifting towards running-on-the-spot, sweaty, big-suit madness:

I guess what I'm saying is that you should go get hold of Stop Making Sense if you haven't seen it, and go watch it again if you have. My other top tips for those who don't know it are Psycho Killer, Slippery People and Burning Down The House. As good YouTube is, you really do lose the cumulative power of seeing the whole concert.


  1. completely off-topic, but were you at duncan of jordanstone recently? i heard that you were, i wish i'd known, i'd have perhaps had a coincidental visit to hear your talk!

  2. I never know whether to reply to comments on my own blog or the commenter's - my own probably makes more sense. I guess I'll do both this one time.

    Yeah, I was in Dundee doing a bit of a shambolic talking / teaching. I didn't have time to let people know beforehand, but I'll write about it soon. I'm a bit scared to ask, but what did you hear? :)

  3. since you made the trek over to mine, i'm going to return the courtesy & come to you to reply.

    have no fear, i heard no word of this apparent shambles, i heard it was good! i was speaking to a friend, who was speaking to one of the tutors who mentioned it, & she knew that i like your stuff. hope it was enjoyable, i always liked when people i admire came in to speak to the department.

    in reply to the teenager meme, do it! i had fun, it was only a sketch at first, but i couldn't help but take it to the colour stage to emphasise the comparison.

  4. Joe bought me a copy of True Stories recently. This is my favourite part -

  5. really digging your art and the Talking Heads videos. I'm feeling inspired by both.

  6. I was one of the happy few who heard your talk in DoJ - it was dead helpful and actually kinda inspiring! I really like your stuff - keep on being lighthearted - its really refreshing :)