Friday, October 10

Song of The Week

For well over a year now I've been keeping a playlist in iTunes called "Song of The Week". Every week, I pick a track that I have particularly enjoyed listening to over the last 7 days and drop it in there. As time has gone on, the playlist has grown into a big weird collection of tunes that wouldn't exist together anywhere else.

So, it's with an uncharacteristic sense of community that I ask anyone reading this to give it a try and start their own list. It's almost the easiest thing in the world to do - I bet you've even got your iTunes open right now. If you're really into it, you can post your selection each week onto your blog / Facebook / MySpace / or whatever for the world to see.

There are no rules but here are some things I think make it a little better:

1. The song - The song can be new or old, one you've just discovered or an old favourite. It's genre, mood and credibility also don't matter. The fun is that you end up with a mix things personal to you. Sad songs from sad times and happy songs from happy times etc.

2. No Song? Leave it blank - The only real stipulation is you include songs that have genuinely stood out during the week and don't just throw in a track to make up the numbers. Giving it this little bit of thought makes the list all wonderful and full of stuff that might escape other 'favourites' collections. So if nothing is doing it for you, leave it until next week.

3. But don't give it too much thought - Woah, don't overdo it kiddo. Sometimes just thinking "this is the best dang thing I've heard all week" is all it takes.

4. Posting - If you do post your selection online, link to it if you can so people can have a listen. YouTube is good unless you're into crazy obscure stuff. has lots of tracks online too. Post a little review or reasons for your choice if you like.

Okey dokey, this also serves and a little explanation I can link to with my choices. If anyone starts posting their own stuff, send me a link. I'm going to start posting things from my list here every week (hopefully).

Click HERE to see the list of my choices.


  1. Hi David,
    Great blog!
    -and one crackin idea! I'll definitely be to setting up one of those folders on my i-Tunes.
    Greetings from Tillicoultry :)

  2. Yes David - I like this idea - This could be interesting.

    John C.