Tuesday, October 14

Amble Gallery & Books Closing

A little bit of sad news for you today. Amble Gallery & Books in Philadelphia is closing it's doors later on this month. I know the place, it's captain (haha) and it's friends very well. It's a real shame to see it go. Amble put on some really amazing stuff in it's time. I was lucky enough to exhibit there myself with my Jaggy Nettles show earlier this year.

I travelled over with my friend Fergi (seen cleaning my work in the photo there) and had a complete blast running around Philly for a few weeks. We saw a lots of sights, met a lot of people, ate a lot of food and drank a lot of drink. I started itching to go back as soon as I got home. Cheers again to Concetta for all she did and to Fergi for doing most of the hard work hanging the show. Hello to all our friends over there too, hope you're well.

So, if you're in Philadelphia you'd better head over quick and have a look while you can. There's a big sale on too, so you might just come away with a bargain. If you can't make it, keep your eye on what Concetta does next because I've no doubt it will be totally rockin'.

> PHOTO CREDIT: Fergi at Amble by Concetta Barbera

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  1. aww. Thank David! I am sad too. Hopefully I'll be seeing you in a few weeks time...taking a little vacation.