Thursday, September 25

Google/Blogger Following

I've been playing about with the new Blogger "Following" feature. It's a little gadget you can put on a site to show a grid of your blog's regular readers. If it takes off I think it could be a really nice little thing to see as you browse about. A kind of mixture between traffic statistics and social networking.

Have a look and see what you think. As a Google Reader user, I'm a little bummed that the integration between the two applications is a bit shakey right now. Google say they're ironing out the problems, so I'm gonna live dangerously and jump on the bandwagon early.

I've put the little gadget over there -> on the side of my page. So far I have 3 whole followers (including myself, haha). If you're a blog owner who reads my site: follow me and I'll definitely have a look at what you're up to. My own reading list can be seen on my profile page.

ps. Hello to Jen & Concetta, my very first fans.


  1. hello in return. you're one of my three followers too!