Wednesday, October 17

Tenterhooks - Open For Business!

My solo show, Tenterhooks, opened at Analogue in Edinburgh last week. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. The image above is called "Bear Hands" and is in there. I'll not be posting too many images from the show until it comes down to encourage folks to go along. So if you can make it to Edinburgh, you've got until the 10th of November to see what I've been up to. Gonna say a wee thanks to Russell and Julie for helping me set it up, anyone who came along and to anyone who has bought something. Here's a picture of me fannying about:

The opening night was a good laugh. People I spoke to seemed to like the show, which was really nice to hear. When we left Analogue, a bunch of us went out and unintentionally caught a band called Trash Fashion, who were ridiculous. I can't tell if they were clever or stupid but they were like something from Nathan Barly, fun to slag off, and rubbish.

I've been having a few lazy days since finishing everything, so I've a little mountain (a mountette) of emails and myspace messages to catch up on. Over the next few days I will sit at the computer, eat biscuits, and do all that stuff. Also, to everyone who requested some postcards - I must apologise for the delay. I can blame the UK postal strike a little bit, but really I was completely snowed under and decided to leave them be for a little bit. I will get them sent out as soon as I can. The offer still stands to anyone else for the length of the show.

I'm in this month's Blueprint magazine. The Paper City page at the back. It's the November issue, number 260.

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