Friday, October 19

The Pub Quiz Table

A quick wee doodle of the quiz table at Nicky-Tams. Along with my friends, Stuart and John, I host the quiz there on a Sunday night. We've been doing it for over a year now and it's become an excuse to sit in the pub, talk, drink and play music (we also get to be djs for the night).

On the table will usually be:

3 iPods - we make no claims to be skilled djs, so there's no vinyl snobbery. We do, however, have a lot of good music and using iPods is the best way to work.

A CD player or two - rarely used anymore, handy for hiding the iPods behind.

A £30 mixer from ebay - we don't even use it properly, if you ignore the fader you get another channel.

A microphone - for quizzing.

Quiz paraphernalia - answer sheets, questions, scores, pens etc.

An electro shocker - for tie-breakers. Pop-Up Pirate might return.

Our drinks - a mixture of John Smith's, Foster's, vodka, rum, Moscow Mules (seems everyone is drinking these nowadays, tasty though) and juice if someone is driving.

Recently, I discovered that Vic Reeves' Big Night Out began life in a ropey wee pub. It made me think we should put a little more effort in. Not that I intend to chase a TV career, but with free reign every week in a pub, it seems daft not to aim for something brilliant. Sunday. 9.30. Nicky-Tams. Stirling. If you want to play. It's free.

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