Thursday, October 4


Getting near the end now. Still lots to do. This is a call to friends and strangers to come to the preview party on Thursday 11th October. That's a week today. Thursday night. Next Thursday. Thursday 11th. Thursday coming. Get off work. Get off your bot. Thursday. Analogue. Edinburgh. 7-9pm. Cheers.

The show will feature around 50 drawings, A Running Amok magazine by me and possibly some prints of the poster above.

Wow. I've had a great response to my offer of postcards. It's nice to know folk are reading this, even if they're just after a bit of free tat. Haha. I'll get them sent out as soon as I can but thanks to the pending postal strike, they could take a wee while. Offer still stands all month. They should be fairly spread between Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh now. Analogue, The Changing Room and Nicky-Tams are good places to find them. Cheers!

Also, I'm guessing Blueprint magazine must be out soon. I've illustrated the Paper City page, so get your paws on that. It's the November issue, number 260.

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