Monday, September 17

My Garfield Comic: A Review

I doodled this ages ago after reading some Garfield and finding it lousy. Yesterday I posted it on a messageboard, and it went down fairly well. I even received a fairly sturdy review from someone called DanAdamKOF:

"John is expressing dissatisfaction with his life, in a way that expresses his dissatisfaction in its most basic way: with tears. Meanwhile, Garfield looks funny as hell with no limbs and a brutish, oversimplified face. Though oversimplified, he still has the usual uncaring expression. Add in the requisite table, and the often-shown plate of food... it's Garfield, broken down to its purest and most simple form.

I'm no art major or anything, but I can't help but dwell on this picture. To me, it is art."

Haha, make of that what you will. The original artwork is on four little squares of paper from a pile I use for making notes. If I could find them, I'd sell them for a million pounds! Thank you, DanAdamKOF. I had no idea I was so clever.


  1. what happened then?
    it's stuck my comment in twice

  2. You've managed to condense years of Jim Davis' work down to a four panel joke. And the colours are nicer. Genius!

  3. This is good Dave. Although with this particular version of Garfield, I doubt that Bill Murray would be the most obvious choice for the part of providing the voiceover. Can't think who would be suitable although who'd bet against Kevin Bacon blagging the part? The talentless, jammy assh*le!!