Thursday, August 23

The Changing Room is 10!

Just a wee note before I head there myself to help get stuff sorted. The Changing Room is having it's 10th birthday party on Friday night (24th) in Stirling. The show opening to celebrate the event is Voluntary Action, and is made up of art by a bunch of folks who have worked there over the years.

Come along between 6 & 9 for the party bit. There'll be free balloons, free drink, free food, free music, and free fun. No free art though, that's just silly. As usual everyone will no doubt head out afterwards somewhere too.

I've had a wee look at it coming together and it looks pretty swish. I was kindly asked to design one of four limited edition t-shirts for the show. It'll be available for some money (I don't know how much) so come and buy one. I might be doing a bit of DJing (putting on a CD) too. Maybe not though.

Go HERE for a little more detail, just come along though.

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