Tuesday, August 21


Sock. Ink & acrylic on card*

I've finally managed to gather together the photos and scans from my "Sideshow" installation at The Changing Room gallery in Stirling. It went up in April 2007 and stayed there for a couple of months. Preparation was pretty hectic, with all the building, drawing and painting happening over about four days.

The Geek and Rabbit. Ink & acrylic on card

Fortune Teller. Ink & acrylic on card

The Juggler. Ink & acrylic on card

Tig. Ink & acrylic on card

A couple of photos of the installation.

My friend Fergi helped me sort out the frame extensions that brought the drawings close to the glass. There is sawdust on the floor there too if it's not clear in the pictures. There is a joiner photo HERE that shows a bit more of the location and the flyer I made is HERE.

Cheers to everyone at the Changing Room for helping out and being cool, especially Kirsteen for asking me to exhibit in the first place.

* the titles are at the side because when I centre my text, the font goes all funny. trying to fix it

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