Friday, July 2

Desktop Background

I had this pattern sitting on my computer, drawn recently for something that was never used. It's been scanned so big that I tried mucking about with it as a desktop wallpaper. I guess it kinda works. You can see all the mistakes because the original was much smaller, but hey.

I've uploaded it as a 1920 x 1200 jpg so it can be used as a background. Just click here image for the big, full image. I'm planning on playing with the colours and tidying it up a little more (perhaps drawing another?) so stay tuned for less janky looking efforts. Thought I'd use the traditional blue desktop for this one though - like someone's went crazy with a pen over it.

Any suggestions, colours, requests etc. for backgrounds, let me know. I don't particularly intend to use one of my own drawings as my wallpaper so if someone out there knows what they'd like to see, I might have a go.

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