Saturday, May 29

Evan Hecox at work

I just caught this great little video of Evan Hecox (of Chocolate Skateboards fame, amongst other things) at work on Kitsune Noir. It's amazing to see the process behind his work. All the photo-sourcing and line-blotting was really interesting. I guess I'm more used to seeing his super clean Chocolate work that it took me by surprise that there was so much going on behind the scenes in his other stuff.

As with most of these little 'artist at work' clips that come along, I find myself getting extremely jealous of both the lifestyle and day-to-day art-production of other artists. I know they maybe exaggerate all the bike-riding and paint-dripping that goes on because it looks cool on video, but c'mon. Where's the film about the guy hunching over a little piece of paper for 5 hours with the radio on? I ain't seen a pair of bleary eyes or an aching pinky yet.

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