Monday, March 29

Magazine ads

I've been clearing out my hard drive this afternoon and, as always, I've been getting distracted by odds and ends I've not seen in ages. I found the above scrap of graphics amongst some design work I did for Stirling University's student union a few years back.

I used to love doing this kind of thing! The wee adverts were the best part of a larger design (maybe not my best work) and came about because I needed to cram a lot of information into a very small space. The vintage porno-mag theme fitted really well with the 'Dirty Pretty Things' and I'd been doing a bunch of b-movie style stuff for their alternative music night anyway, so it all clicked together. They also appeared in a poster for the uni radio station, which turned out much better.

Boy, I really want to play around with similar things - I reckon I could put together some fun stuff. If there's anyone out there needing a weird bit of graphic design, give me a shout.

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