Wednesday, December 16

Wall drawings at Analogue

Along with the tree print, the other odds and ends I've been working on at Analogue Books are these wall drawings. Russell and Julie were looking for some artwork in the back of the shop over December / January and they asked me if I'd like to put something together. I settled in with my sandwiches and painted a big tree.

I also braved the cold (freezing, freezing cold) Edinburgh air to draw in the doorway. The fading light didn't really agree with my little digital camera, but hopefully you can get an idea of how it looks. I'll try to get through when the sun is out for some better photos.

So, thanks again to Russell and Julie for inviting me to work in the shop. If you can, stop by West Bow in Edinburgh for a look. As always, they've a ton of weird and wonderful things to fill anyone's stocking. For a couple of work in progress snaps, have a look at their Flickr too.