Thursday, January 22, Motherhubbard!

A while back, I mentioned that some rotten company had snatched up my address when I had accidentally let it expire. Silly me. I quickly got hold of to make sure I wasn't completely sunk and thought that was that.

But the other day, much to my delight, my good friend Fergi accidentally tried to visit my old .com address and noticed it was no longer held by overcharging chancers. Brilliant! It's all registered again and should now point to this site. Even though it's only set up as a forwarding thing, it means that I have two big boxes of postcards that are no longer redundant and my mellow is a little less harshed. Thanks Fergi.

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  1. Well done...maybe because the traffic was all going to the holding company didn't see a point in keeping it. Get it up them!