Friday, August 22


I'm an idiot. A total fool. I let my .com address for this blog expire and some stupid company has snapped it up. 4 years I had to pay attention and I let it slip by! What a mug. Switching computers & email addresses a few times must've meant all the notifications never got to me. Ah well, it could be worse.

I have registered today to make up for my mistake. It points to this site. Please, please, please update any bookmarks you have. I'd appreciate it so much. Also, if any site owners have linked here using the old .com address - can you please change the information on your site so people can find me. If you do I'll be your best friend. Sorry, thanks, sorry. David x


  1. Sorry that happened to you, that really sucks! I hate companies that do that.

  2. ya big numpty. glad you managed to get though.