Friday, July 18

Another Letter

The letter mystery continues! I received a second letter from the (apparently) Polish anonymous letter-senders last week. This one's a little more intriguing than the last. I've decided I don't really have a clue anymore about who's responsible, a few initial suspects have been checked off the list.

Anyway, this time the envelope is decorated with a Polish phrase, "Dołącz do nas" and includes only a single sheet of A4 paper. On one side of this sheet is the phrase "Przetłumacz to" and a small "x", on the other, "Chce mi się siusiu". Now, my Polish is a little rusty so I've found a site HERE that handily includes each of these translations:

> Dołącz do nas: "Join us"
> Przetłumacz to: "Translate it"
> Chce mi się siusiu: "I need to pee"

Now then, it suddenly looks like we're not dealing with a genuine Polish speaker. These look like stock phrases, possibly from the same site I found. "Join us" and "translate it" are pretty mysterious, but "I need to pee" again makes me question the sender's sense of humour.

The envelope spells my name wrong, "Mr David Gallety", has the (British) stamp on the wrong side and has a Glasgow sorting office stamp on it. There are a couple of fairly authentic looking Polish post-marks on there too, so I guess it could've still come from overseas? I don't really know how mail works. I hope I receive another one though.

As before, if anyone would like to send me anything, CONTACT me and I'll give you my address. I already got a great wee letter from someone the last time which I'll write about shortly.

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