Wednesday, March 12

Running Amok

I've just read on the Analogue blog that the Running Amok zine I made for them at the end of last year is included in a show in Norwich called D.I.Y. Issues 1 - 20 are on display until 22nd March at the Norwich Arts Centre. Mine is number 14. If you can make it along, have a look because it sounds quite good. If not, here are about half of my pages:

Analogue have been producing the zines for a while now. You can have a look at who's done what on the Running Amok page. Some are really amazing. Each artist is given free reign and 100 issues are printed. My issue, I'm happy to say, is sold out.

1 comment:

  1. Bah, I missed out on buying one of these.

    Oh well. At least I got a wee card when I went to the opening.