Tuesday, September 25

Recoat Rock-Bottom Basement Bonanza

Recoat in Glasgow are holding their 3rd show - the Rock-Bottom Basement Bonanza this week. I've made a little set of 4 snack drawings for them, including the Jammie Dodger above.

Every piece in the show is priced £40 or less, hence the rock-bottomness of the title. There will be work by around 20 Scottish artists, including my buddies Elph and Gregor Louden, so that's some opportunity to get your dirty wee paws on a bargain. My 4 pieces, which are exciting stuff like Cadbury's Flakes and Hobnobs, will be £30 each.

The exhibition runs through October, the opening bash is on Friday 28th September from 7-10pm and is sponsored by anCnoc whiskey, whatever that is. The gallery is next door to the Woodside Social, near the Kelvinbridge underground in Glasgow. Come along if you like.


  1. omg, I love biscuits - esp jammy dodgers and hobnobs. did you know party rings have gelatine in them? beefy.

  2. i like hobnobsand tea biscuits and sometimes those pink wafer things that old ladys keep in there cupboards