Monday, October 25

Giveaway (give us a minute, eh?)

Hello. A very quick message about the giveaway - I have been delayed in announcing the results. Ah, sorry pal. Don't worry though, I've collected together all the entries and everything will be done and dusted tomorrow. Promise. My excuse is a long, elaborate tale of missed-trains and last-minute deadlines that would honestly make a pretty decent movie. Anyway, what did you expect? I'm giving away free stuff for God's sake.

Also, thank you very much to everyone who entered and to everyone who tweeted / posted about this. I appreciate it greatly and I'm a little embarrassed that I can't start the week with a bang. Tomorrow's announcement (with full-on video) should hopefully make up for it. Well, to those who win something at least.

If I have pissed you off beyond comprehension, leave a comment below. Otherwise I'll presume everyone couldn't give a monkey's.

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