Thursday, July 29

The Donaldson Boy

That's me back my holidays. Had a very nice time indeed. A surprise birthday in Glasgow and a few days in Blackpool going on the rollercoasters and playing the penny-falls on the pier. A few photos are up on my Flickr here. I'll try to put together a video clip too.

Anyway, the real point of this post is to mention that I've illustrated (former Arab Strapper) Aidan Moffat's first short story 'The Donaldson Boy' for the current issue of The List. I was super-happy to be asked and I had a lot of fun drawing 'Donny', the titular, overweight boy-racer. You've still got the best part of a week to pick up the magazine and you really should because, alongside Aidan's, there are a couple of other short stories worth a read, illustrated by Lizzy Stewart and Joe Baglow, no less.

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