Wednesday, June 30

Gulf Fundraiser

A few days back I mentioned a huge art sale at the awesome My Love For You Is A Stampede of Horses. Well, the online shop is live now and all sorts of drawings, paintings, prints, jewellery, sculpture and more is up for grabs.

Some important facts:

1. All proceeds are going to the Gulf Restoration Network. Artists have put their work on sale as a donation to help out. Many items are free shipping too.

2. The shop is only open for a limited time. If you want to grab a bargain (and do a good deed) you have until the 5th of July.

3. Everything seems to be selling out fast, so don't hang about. Tweet / email / blog etc. to spread the word. Get everything bought.

4. You can go directly to the shop by clicking here.

Please have a look, you might find something you like. I'm happy to say that my drawing sold on the first day! Big love to Meighan for organising everything and to all the artists who contributed. Make sure you subscribe to My Love For You... because it's a great place to discover all sorts of brilliant art, design and general cool stuff.

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