Friday, June 4

Dr Syntax versus the Paperweights

A quick note to let you know that the new show at the Changing Room in Stirling opens tonight. Dr. Syntax versus The Paperweights by Mick Peter.

I had a little hand in the install for this one, managing to navigate some really unusual sculptures up a gnarly old staircase without mishap. Mick (who I seemed to think was called Joe - weird) was putting the finishing touches on some work the other day and caused some debate about blu-tack once he'd left. You'll need to catch the show to understand what I'm blathering about. Just ask yourself, what is the trombone* made out of?

Anyway, I might not make it along tonight (Friday 4th June) for the opening, which I feel really bad about, but if you're available, go, go go. Even if you've never been to an art opening before. They're not scary and see that big table with all the beer & wine? Yeah, that's free. The amount of people you can get through a door with that little bit of information is ridiculous.

The show will run through June and July so there's no excuse not to catch it, especially all Stirling residents. Support your only contemporary art gallery please. Here are the full details:

Dr Syntax versus the Paperweights
Mick Peter
Show runs: 5th June - 31st July
Private view: Friday 4th June, 7-9pm. All welcome
The Changing Room
01786 274005

That's that. Have a look at Mick Peter's website for loads of info about his work and examples of his work. I'm away to catch some sunshine for a bit.

EDIT: it's not a trombone, it's a tuba. Thanks Jules.

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  1. I kept calling a trombone as well and I don't know why because it's clearly a tuba.

  2. you're right. i've added a wee note. cheers.