Friday, May 7

Dundee Jamboree

I'm happy to announce that I'm part of the Big Top Jamboree, a creative fair taking place in Dundee on the 17th of May. The event, a follow up to March's Jumpers & Jamboree, is being put together by 3 Dundee superstars: Jen Collins, Nikki McWilliams and Lauren Gentry. It should be plastic fantastic.

My recent lack of posting is due to a week of running around panicking, trying to get things ready for my stall. I'm not sitting on a mountain of prints or zines so I've had to bust some moves to get things together. As it stands, I think I'm gonna be ok. There's a lot left to do but hey, isn't there always?

Remember that zine I mentioned a while back? This one? Yeah, that thing. Well on Tuesday I scrapped it, started again and worked like billio to get if finished. As of 2 hours ago, all the drawings are done and I'm ready to stick them in the computer and get it sorted for print. It's maybe a little more rushed than I'd like, but as a 4 day project I think it's gonna be alright. Check out the event on the 17th if you'd like a copy (perhaps with a free gift). I expect it'll appear in my shop sometime after that too.

On top of that, I've got drawings, badges, prints and some other odds & ends. So, if you want some silly pictures of like, trees and things - I'm your man. If you don't like my junk, go buy something from Jen or John or Sanna. Those guys are always doing good things.

I must also mention that I'll be sharing my stall with my lady Alex, who will be selling her suitably circus-like (should that be circular?) handmade bunting to you, friend, for a steal. There's much more info to come about what she's up to soon but man, it's looking good.

I'll post again about the Jamboree nearer the time - go check out the site if you want more info. For me, the best bit is going to be the weird-out of meeting online folk for the first time. Note to those who imagine I'm carved from stone and completely enchanting: get ready for a surprise. I'm like 4' tall and mumble so bad I'm basically unintelligible. I'll be next to the blonde girl.

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  1. I wish i could come to this, it sounds so good. Dundee is a fair trek away though. Next time for sure