Friday, April 9

A Narrative of Montage

This is a little late notice but it's worth a mention anyway. Over the past couple of days, I've been helping out at the Changing Room preparing the new exhibition A Narrative of Montage by The Fruitbasket Collective and Mike Chavez-Dawson.

The gallery is looking really good. It's a bit of a departure for the Changing Room, much more crazy and colourful than some previous shows. I knew very little about The Fruitbasket Collective before helping out, they've got a pretty neat surrealist / outsider art thing going on. I managed to find a snap of one of the pieces from A Narritive of Montage, check it:
That's a massive oil painting by Fruitbasket's main man, Jean-Pierre Lapeyre, titled Self Portrait as the Imprisioned. He's got a bunch of similar stuff alongside comics, sculptures and prints. His wife, Caroline Mackenzie Lapeyre exhibits some beautiful drawings and Mike Chavez-Dawson has some really cool laser-etched pieces.

The best thing is, Lapeyre also has a whole performance-art thing going on as his alter ego 'Jack The Hard Worker'. You can't beat a guy who'll paint himself blue and do some ironing in front of a crowd:
I'm reliably informed that he's gonna be psyching himself up for an appearance as 'Jack' tonight at the opening. Man, that's what you want from an art show - a dude jumping about in facepaint with a jumper on! I can't wait.

If you can make it to Stirling tonight, drop by, have a little drink and check out the show. Say hello. If not, it'll be up over the next month or so. As far as I know, JP plans to perform nearer the start of the night than the end, so move your bum. Here are the full details:

A Narrative of Montage
The Fruitbasket Collective and Mike Chavez-Dawson
Show runs: 10th April - 22nd May
Private view: Friday 9th April, 7-9pm. All welcome
The Changing Room
01786 274005

ps. if any of that sounded a bit sarcastic, I don't mean to be. I'm all for people going full-on. The wildest I get is perhaps doing a drawing with a little hat on.

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  1. Jonny MackenzieApril 10, 2010

    Was a top class show and wicked performance from JP