Friday, April 23

Girl Skateboards

Hello! Sorry to hit you with a blank page, but this blog post has moved to my new website. You can view it over here: Girl Skateboards: Modern Chair Series.

It features a lovely graphic recreation of the first pro skateboard I ever owned.


  1. Girl Skateboards (like Chocolate skateboards) made few of the best graphics ever ... that's why they are so much collectionnable
    And collectionnated ;-)

    THX for the link David

  2. I'm the designer responsible for that deck series and they were released in 2001 I believe. I still get emails from collectors around the world, skaters and non-skaters, who are looking for the complete set. Good luck!

  3. Awesome, I have the Howard deck, its stickered up a bit unfortunately but let me know if you want images.