Tuesday, March 2

3 blogs worth checking out

Oh So Beautiful Paper
With the wedding wheels beginning to turn, Oh So Beautiful Paper has been on the reading list for a little while now. Nole Garey's blog is an (appropriately) beautiful archive of invitations, cards, stationary and printwork. The above image of skeleton-key seat-finders is credited to The Haystack Needle. The one drawback to seeing so much elegant, delicate stuff is that it makes me feel super-clumsy and all-thumbs. Where are the crumbs and fingerprints?

Curious Pages
A recent discovery for me, Curious Pages hunts out weird and wonderful children's books form days gone by. There is TONS of cool stuff here and anyone with any interest in illustration should have a blast trawling through the archive. Any site with the tagline 'recommended inappropriate books for kids' is all good in my book. A really good resource for inspiration.

You Will Soon
This is actually my favourite blog at the moment but, with it being a skateboarding thing, I understand that it's got a bit of a niche audience. If that's your bag, however, You Will Soon is worth a read. It's a really nerdy, bitchy and funny little site, full of rumours, reviews and name calling. It's main author, Dan Watson, has an eye for detail and a bit of a poisonous pen. Luckily he's also got pretty good taste and a clear love of skateboarding so all the hate is kept humorous and aimed in the right direction.

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