Monday, March 22

25 Coco Pops print

I put this little Gocco screenprint together for a show at Recoat in Glasgow a while back. It was made in a super limited edition of 15 with the help of Russell and Julie at Analogue in Edinburgh. While looking through my 'work' drawer, I discovered a few copies I had completely forgotten about and I thought, hey, I'll put them up in my online shop.

25 Coco Pops is printed on nice, heavy-ish paper in 2 colours. Each copy is signed and numbered and shipped to your door for the low, low price of £20. Due to the relatively small number we made, I only have 5 copies available and that means you'll find yourself in a pretty exclusive little club if you decide on picking up a copy.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks again to Recoat and Analogue for helping out. Here are the full details:

25 Coco Pops
by David Galletly
15cm x 21cm
Gocco screenprint on paper.
Edition of 15.
Signed and numbered.
Available here.

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  1. You have the strangest mind! <3 I'm surprised you didn't color these.