Wednesday, February 10

Michel Gondry - Oui Oui

There's two things I can go to if I'm feeling a bit stuck and I need some inspiration. Two things that motivate me more than almost anything. One is No Direction Home, the Bob Dylan documentary by Martin Scorsese and the other is the Directors Label Michel Gondry collection.

Yeah, well, who doesn't like Michel Gondry? He's the best. He puts that kinda perfect mix of child and adult in everything he does. Just ideas - bang, bang, bang, idea, idea, idea, one after the other. His execution, too, is spot on, all kinda scrappy and handmade. It almost seems like his ideas come out so fast that he can't waste time making the edges perfect. That little I've Been Twelve Forever film just gets you going, it just makes you want to make stuff.

Anyway, on the DVD there's a couple of videos for Gondry's band, Oui Oui. Since seeing them, years ago, I've been trying to find the songs online with no luck. Couldn't find them anywhere. Well, not until the other day at least when I had another search about, as I do from time to time, thinking 'right, I'm gonna find these bloody things', and you know what? I did. I found them. Some blog had put them up. They're pretty good. Probably won't set your world on fire, but for anyone else who was after them just to have them, because they're pretty cool wee songs, then, there they are. Plop them on your iPod.

For a taster, here's the video for Les Cailloux:

Of course there's tons and tons of other Gondry / Oui Oui stuff on YouTube. That DVD is a killer though, compared to the other Directors, he really put in the work. Loads of cool little animations, models and sketches and stuff.

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