Friday, February 26

Jeff Kilpatrick - Sketches of Fishtown

I met Jeff Kilpatrick through my friend Concetta on our first trip to Philadelphia and we always hang out whenever we visit. Jeff is the kinda person you want to know when you're visiting a big city - a through-and-through local who always has a million stories to tell. He's also one of the nicest dudes you could ever meet and man, he cooks one hell of a meal.

Jeff is a working cartoonist, teacher and founder of the Philly Cartoonist Society. His artwork is awesome. He's got that real-deal, old-school thing going on. A real drawer. For the past couple of years he's been working on a series of drawings inspired by his neighbourhood called Sketches of Fishtown:
Apart from being fantastically touching little tributes to Fishtown in their own right, what really blows my mind is that Jeff has 95 of these under his belt. 95! The whole project is a funny, poignant and heartfelt document of a fascinating corner of the city. The first 50 or so are available in a book, click here for a little info from Jeff about picking up a copy or two. A second volume is in the works.


  1. Thanks so much, David! This is really touching!