Monday, February 1

Adidas Campus Vulc

I recently got a pair of these from the new Adidas Skateboarding range. I'm not planning on skating in them for a while (my shoes work their way down a ladder until they become a 'skate' pair) but for chopping about, they're pretty fly. This is a doodle from my sketchbook that I've coloured in Photoshop. The laces are a little wonky but nevermind, it was just a quick wee thing.

Drawing shoes always takes me right back to high school art class. Every week, without fail, we'd forget to bring along some still life objects from home and therefore would need to rummage around our bag for something decent to draw. On failing to find anything, we'd reach under the table and clunk our trainers up on the desk. Our group churned out more stinky Airwalks, Vans and DCs than you could ever imagine.