Thursday, February 4

5 things I dig this Thursday

Here is some stuff that I've been liking recently. It's all been discovered at times when I should have been working, interacting with other people, exercising, answering the phone, tidying up, running errands or sleeping:

1. Matthew Lyons
I found out about Matthew Lyons on the art and design blog Kitsune Noir. Who doesn't love a bit of 50s / retro-future / James Bond / Jetsons style stuff? Yeah, that's right, nobody. Matthew Lyons' work combines precision and expression in a way that'll make you jealous. I've been using the above image as my current desktop background.

- - -

2. Lego Cl!ck
Lego are doing really good things these days. They've really got it together. I also saw this awesome (and quite inspiring) little stop-motion film posted on Kitsune Noir a while back (I probably should have just included KN in the top 5) and just re-watched it this morning. Plastic fantastic!

- - -

3. Buildings by Ligia
While browsing around, I was quite taken by a few of Ligia's Little Red Riding Hood illustrations. You get a really nice sense of cold, clear winter air in them. The buildings in the town are brilliantly handled too.

- - -

4. Chilli Heatwave Doritos
To anyone I've not seen in a while, please be warned: I'm now a fat man. I'm a big fat man with a big fat arse and orangey powder all over my fingers. They sell these silly crisps in ENORMOUS BLOODY BAGS!

- - -

5. Maturation by Achewood
If you're not down with Achewood, you ain't worth spit in my book. This page from last month is a perfect summation of what it's like being a paranoid man growing older.

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  1. WOW! I'm so honored to be included in the same listing as Chilli Doritos. This amounts to some serious bragging rights. I'm really glad you like my work, it means a lot coming from a talented artist/illustrator/graphic designer such as yourself. I've enjoyed reading your blog and admiring your work from afar. Keep up the good work!